Well Drilling

Water and Well Drilling Services

For Home and business

Water and Well Drilling Services

We take every step to ensure ground water protection. Well grout is critical to sealing out surface waters and bacteria- that’s why we guarantee its placement for the life of the well. Quality checks complete before the rig leaves the site. We are your best chance of installing a well and achieving great quality water.

  • Site visits are conducted by a Master Driller. All work is performed under supervision of a master driller.

  • We have the knowledge and resources for adverse, specialized, or large diameter drilling conditions

  • We have specialized crews that trained and dedicated to their unique task.

  • Well abandonment – reduce your liability and fill in decommissioned wells –  affordable, disposal of pumping equipment if necessary – no extra cost.

  • Well grouting – critical to a bacteria free water source for safe drinking water for you and your family. Not a task… its a science.
  • Well deepening – for older wells that have died off or have low-flow.

  • No other driller dedicates the time we do to make sure you well is drilled for optimal performance.

  • Spring replacement for potable water source

  • We keep in constant contact with you to be sure we’re on budget and no surprise expenses crop up. Full transparency. Customer always has stop-work authority.

  • We have been doing this for over 40+ years

Water Systems

Replace Your Aging System

New Water System Installations

Well pump replacement and service – equipped to handle the job with one call. Excavation equipment and operators on staff – minimize logistics for an excavator to be there same times as us

  • Our systems are designed for peak performance

  • System upgrades

  • Constant pressure systems

  • Pressure boosters

  • Pressure tank replacement

Water Filtration

Clean Drinking Water

Keep your family safe

Water Filtration & Conditioning

  • Iron removal / Manganese / Hard + Soft water

  • UV lights/ Maintenance programs

  • Annual filter service

  • Chlorination systems

  • Water testing

Geo Thermal

Waynes Water N Wells Residential Drilling

Geo Thermal Solutions

Commercial and Residential

Geo Thermal Water Heating Solutions

Geo Thermal is the most efficient heating and cooling system – 400% efficiency. Multiple commercial and residential installations locally.

  • Installations done to the highest standard for the lowest price

  • Great success stories – including our own for our offices

  • Maintenance free

  • Specialty drilling equipment on hand

  • Thermal enhanced grout – PEAK PERFORMANCE

  • Certified pipe fusion

  • IGSHPA accreditation


Environmental Drilling Services

Environmental Drilling

Environmental drilling is a vital technique used to gather valuable information about the environment beneath the surface. By drilling into the ground, scientists and engineers can assess soil, groundwater, and rock formations to understand potential contaminants and geological structures.

This knowledge is crucial for environmental site assessments, contaminated site remediation, and geotechnical investigations. Environmental drilling helps experts evaluate the extent of pollution, determine the feasibility of cleanup efforts, and make informed decisions to protect the environment.

  • 2″ and 4″ Monitoring wells – MD, WV, PA, OH licensed

  • 40 OSHA hazwoper

  • Competent field personnel
  • Soil Sampling

  • Emergency response

  • GUS sampling

  • Air Knife

  • Insured and Bonded


Specialty Drilling

Unique and Complex Situations

Specialty Drilling Services

Specialty drilling services encompass a range of specialized drilling techniques designed to meet specific project requirements. These services go beyond standard drilling methods and cater to unique challenges and industry needs. By leveraging specialty drilling services, industries can efficiently and effectively meet their project objectives, address complex geological conditions, and achieve successful outcomes.

  • Down Hole Camera

  • Hydrofrac – Stimulation for dry wells / Improve low flowing wells

  • Flow test – Well analysis – great for property transactions / sales. We work with all local real estate companies.

  • Casing Extensions – remove well pits, install pitless adapters

  • Well liner installation

  • Advanced casing drilling ( through sandy, loose rock, or cavernous conditions)